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How to Make a Travel Journal? Tips & Supplies || The Travel Tester

How to Make a Travel Journal? DIY Tips and Must-Have Supplies

How to Make a Travel Journal? DIY Tips and Must-Have Supplies

During my travels, I’ve always kept a travel journal – but they always have been different in style. If you ask me how to make a travel journal, I’d say that the only limit is your own imagination.

You can organise your journals by destination (country, or city), by itinerary or for by date, for example in weekly or daily logs, the possibilities are endless.

There are some tips and supplies that might help you get started on your first travel journal. Today I share them with you!

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How to Make a Travel Journal? DIY Tips and Must-Have Supplies || The Travel Tester



Let’s start at the beginning and go over what makes a travel journal. There are just so many different types! It really depends on how you would like to use your own journal to decide the best one for you!

Perhaps you first think of a simple lined notebook where you write down your travel stories, but there are so many other ways to keep your memories from on the road.

Just to name a few:


You don’t have to be a master artist to have fun with a travel sketchbook. Just take a notebook with blank pages and start drawing (or painting!) what you see. You can use pen, pencil, markers, crayons, watercolours or other paint, whatever you like!

There are some great travel journals specifically made for making watercolour drawings, such as the Tumuarta journal and the Seawhite journal.

Here are some other journals with blank pages perfect for sketching: the Moleskine Passion Journal and this personalized monogrammed leather journal.

Bookishly sells cute A5 (6×8″/15x21cm) travel journals with vintage world map covers featuring an inspirational quote on Etsy. The books have 244 blank pages, you can choose gift wrap, they have free UK delivery AND even upgrade to a “Journal for Life”, where you can send them a photo of a full travel journal and they send you a new one free of charge!

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One of my favourite travel journal pages! (made by a friend on my South East Asia trip)

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