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Meet the Londoner who travelled all the way from the capital to Scotland by £2 bus

Meet the Londoner who travelled all the way from the capital to Scotland by £2 bus

Twitter users have been captivated by the story of a Londoner who travelled all the way from the capital to Scotland using only local buses.

On Thursday (9 February), Emily Turner tweeted: “Tomorrow is the day I start my journey from London to Scotland via £2 local bus services. I’ve been wanting to do this for YEARS!! I cannot wait!!!”

Less than a week later, her account had rocketed from 800 followers to 23,700.

The comedian and writer explained that she was timing her journey to take advantage of England’s £2 bus scheme, a government initiative running from January to March. She planned to ride from her home in London to Edinburgh, Scotland exclusively using a series of short, regional bus services for a bargain overall fare.

Emily braved chilly February buses to get to bonny Scotland

(Emily Turner)

“It’s something that I’d been thinking about doing for years. I love buses as a way to see places, putting my headphones on and just watch the world go by,” Emily told The Independent.

“Years ago, I’d had a dating profile where I said ‘I wonder how far you could get from London just by bus’.

“Then I started making friends with other bus enthusiasts in the UK, and I realised, people do actually do this.

“It was my 35th birthday on the day I decided to do it. I thought, you know what, this is the right time, when buses are cheaper than ever.”

Emily set off on the morning of 10 February, posting a photo of socks adorned with red double-decker buses to Twitter and writing: “Bus socks on! Ready to roll!”

She started her journey on the N253 to Tottenham Court Road shortly after 5am, before catching the N29 to Enfield Town.

She then took a third London bus out to Potter’s Bar, before making for Luton on a Dragonfly bus, which caught her attention with its “interesting bench seats” and USB ports for phone chargers.

Emily said she was aiming to get as far as she could from London on Friday, when bus services were more regular than on weekends, making it all the way to Pontefract in West Yorkshire, where she stayed overnight.

On Saturday she rode through the north of England, reaching Northumberland and staying overnight in Alnwick before continuing to Scotland on Sunday.

The journey took her to Northampton, Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, Leeds, through Yorkshire, Whitby and Berwick-Upon-Tweed, among other…

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