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The 10 best hot springs in the Western US

Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

It’s time to get your soak on. From comfortable resorts that revolve around effervescing pools of hot water surging up from underground to remote hot springs that require you to snowmobile or dogsled in for the soothing reward, the western half of the USA in particular is home to some of the most diverse spots on the planet for a bath in naturally fed pools. Read on for a rundown of some of the best hot springs to count on for an au naturel wellness experience catered by Mother Nature.

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Iron Mountain Hot Springs has 16 natural soaking pools just off the Colorado River © Iron Mountain Hot Springs

1. Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Colorado 

Average water temperature: Between 96 and 108°F 

Fastest way to get to the hot springs: Drive 180 miles west from Denver along Interstate 70 through the Rocky Mountains to reach the town of Glenwood Springs. 

Overlooking the mighty Colorado River in the historic town of Glenwood Springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers a more intimate and varied soaking experience than the nearby (and better known) Glenwood Hot Springs Resort. You can choose your own adventure at the 16 geothermal mineral soaking pools here (ages 5 and up only), all connected by heated walkways. Or take younger kids to the family pool and adjacent jetted spa, where the water hovers around the 100°F mark.

All of the property’s mineral pools are fed from on-site springs, with no chemicals added. Called Mother Lode, the hottest mineral pool maxes out at around 108°F (there are markers outside each pool to let you know the heat intensity to expect). You can tickle your toes in reflexology pools with smooth river rocks at the bottom. And for the best views, look for the Garnet and Diamond pools, which have infinity edges and hang over the river in a way that might make you feel like you’re actually soaking in it.

Planning tip: Visit on a weekday at 9am, just when the springs open, for the most peaceful and crowd-free experience.

2. Homestead Crater, Utah 

Average water temperature: Between 90 and 96°F 

Fastest way to get to the hot springs: Drive 51 miles (less than an hour) southeast of Salt Lake City to reach Homestead Crater Mineral Dome. 

As long as you’re okay with a hot-spring soak that’s not as hot as most of them (temperatures max out around “just” 96°F here), Utah’s Homestead Crater definitely delivers the biggest range…

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