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14 Ideas For What To Do In Rotterdam, Netherlands

cruise shipped parked behind bridge in rotterdam port

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Rotterdam is a bustling port city that is quickly becoming the hip place to visit in the Netherlands. It’s the second largest city in the country and is set up in a similar way to its world-renowned neighbour, Amsterdam, with winding canals and bicycles everywhere!

But Rotterdam has more to offer than that. In amongst the historical landmarks are some amazing structures of architectural and engineering wonders, it also has some fascinating museums and a culinary scene that foodies will swoon over.

Needless to say, there are so many things to do in Rotterdam.

So much so, that knowing what to do in Rotterdam can be a challenge, so we’ve interviewed Tom Summerfield, an Aussie who has been living in Rotterdam since October 2011.

Tom shares with us his insider tips on the best attractions in Rotterdam, plus a few hidden gems, so you can plan your trip to Rotterdam with ease.

Take it away Tom…

Is Rotterdam Worth Visiting?

aerial view of public green spaces in rotterdam

Rotterdam actually has a lot to offer visitors, but on first glance it’s not as ‘beautiful’ as its archrival Amsterdam.

There is a reason for that, the place got completely bombed in World War II and instead of rebuilding it in traditional Dutch style after the bombing, it became a place booming with modern architecture and funky buildings.

But that’s what makes it unique. There is no other city like it in The Netherlands and its ability to embrace the new with old is something that sets it apart, which is only one reason why Rotterdam is worth visiting.

You’ll enjoy Rotterdam a LOT more if you know where to go out and some interesting things to do off the bat.

Amsterdam can be great to simply wander and breathe in the sights without any real purpose, whereas in Rotterdam you’ll need a few tips on where to go.

But that’s where we come in!

Things to Do in Rotterdam

Now you know a little bit about why you should visit Rotterdam, it’s time to introduce you to the top attractions in the city!

1. Take a River Cruise

A large body of water with a city in the background

Rotterdam plays host to Europe’s largest port, so of course there are a number of boat tours you can do if checking out the port sounds like fun.

A river cruise is a great way to get to know the city, since it passes by some of the top landmarks in the city.

As well as sailing past landmarks such as the Erasmus Bridge, nicknamed The Swan, a huge cable bridge that…

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