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More than 1,000 flights cancelled over historic winter storm – here’s what you need to know

More than 1,000 flights cancelled over historic winter storm - here’s what you need to know

More than 1,000 flights have been cancelled in the United States as a severe winter storm brings heavy snowfall and dangerous whiteout conditions to parts of the country.

The storm, which prompted the National Weather Service to issue weather warnings in more than two dozen states, began Tuesday and is set to worsen Wednesday as it stretches from coast to coast.

The winter storm has already impacted travel, with flight tracking site FlightAware reporting that more than 1,100 flights were already cancelled in the US Wednesday morning. An additional 1,382 were delayed as of 10.54am ET.

Minnesota’s Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport and Colorado’s Denver International Airport have been impacted the most by the inclement weather, with the airports cancelling 191 flights and 107 flights, respectively.

As the winter storm continues to impact travel, it is important for travellers to know where and how to check their flight status, and what their rights are when it comes to cancellations or delays.

How can travellers find out if their flight is cancelled?

Most travellers will be notified by the airline if their flight is delayed or cancelled, either by email, text or app notifications.

If the airline does not have your contact information, or if you did not receive an alert, you can check the status of your flight on your airline’s website.

To do so, travellers can enter their departure city and destination, as well as the date of their flight. Alternatively, travellers can enter their flight number and the date of departure, at which point they will be able to see the flight status.

Live airline tracking websites such as FlightAware can also be useful to travellers in times of increased delays or cancellations. The website is capable of showing flights cancelled by airport or by airline.

For example, FlightAware currently shows that SkyWest is the airline most heavily impacted, with the airline cancelling 263 flights as of Wednesday morning.

If you are already at the airport, flight status updates should be displayed on the departures board.

What should you do if your flight is cancelled and what are your rights?

If an airline cancels your flight, typically the airline will rebook you on the next available flight or allow you to choose a flight that best suits you, free of charge.

This can usually be done on the airline’s…

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