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17 Best European Palaces to Visit

17 Best European Palaces to Visit

Europe has plenty of things going for it and its vast collection of stunning royal palaces is one of them. Today, many of Europe’s most famous palaces are open to the public via tours that showcase the history and splendor hidden behind their opulent walls.

If you’re planning a European vacation, then you’ll quickly realize that there are plenty of palaces in Europe worth adding to your itinerary. From famous choices like Buckingham Palace to hidden gems, here we’ve assembled a collection of some of the best destinations to add to your itinerary.

We’ll give you an overview of the history of each of these gorgeous European palaces and point you in the direction of where to buy tickets. In addition to their official websites, we’ll also point you toward third-party booking sites that can help you find deals or accommodations in the area.

But before we get into the most beautiful European palaces to visit, let’s take a moment to clarify a few important vocabulary terms. For instance, what’s the difference between a palace and a castle?

Traditionally speaking, castles were built with defense purposes in mind, which is why they often contain things like moats and cannons. Palaces, on the other hand, are all about showing off the wealth of their inhabitants and often serve as the official residence of a kingdom’s royal family.

When in France, you may also hear the term “chateau” come into play, which can refer to a French castle or manor estate, often of a gorgeous or stately nature. Nonetheless, the terms are still sometimes used interchangeably. 

Now that we’re up to speed on royal residence jargon, let’s launch into the top European palaces to check out! We’ve attempted to include a nice blend of choices from all across Europe so that you’ll enjoy plenty of great options no matter what area you visit.

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