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21 Best Things To Do In Kauai, Hawaii (2023 Guide)

Waimea Canyon

Looking for all the best attractions in the Garden Isle? Our guide to all the best things to do in Kauai is all you need!

A sought-out traveling destination, Kauai is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty teeming with roaring waterfalls, luscious rainforests, and tropical coastlines. 

Many people overlook Kauai as a getaway destination. Referred to as the “Garden Isle” and the greenest island (97% covered in forests), Kauai is adored for its untouched nature, full of luscious forests and stunning landscapes.

Adventurers and nature lovers, you don’t want to miss out on a trip to Kauai! There are many attractions on the Garden island, which is one of the top islands in Hawaii for adventure! Hike canyons, swim in rock pools, look for humpback whales, see waterfalls created by the Wailua River, and more!

Take a dip into Kauai’s tropical paradise on a trip you’ll never forget. But first, check out our list of the best things to do in Kauai! 

The Best Things to Do in Kauai, Hawaii

If you don’t know what to do in Kauai, we’ve compiled the island’s best attractions and activities! Our list of the top things to do in Kauai includes the best of the best, from visiting pristine beaches and art galleries to whale watching, hiking, and visiting food trucks!

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1) Explore Waimea Canyon State Park 

Referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon State Park became widely known in 1869 after American explorer John Wesley Powell visited the island.

The expansive canyon near the south shore was formed from the Waimea River, which carved a path through the basalt and lava formations, and from the central volcano that collapsed ten million years ago. 

The park is a striking natural gem teeming with rushing waterfalls, coastal cliffs, and luscious greenery. Head to the various lookouts for awe-inspiring views of the park, including Puu Hinahina, Waimea Canyon Lookout, and Kalalau Lookout.

By foot, either enjoy a relaxing stroll or take on a bit of a challenge for rewarding views throughout the different trails like the Cliff Trail (easy), Canyon Trail (moderate), and Kukui Trail (experienced).

It’s also a good idea to wear proper hiking shoes if you’re taking on a challenging hike here. Some trails are coated with thick red mud or clay that can make the hike slippery!

The dramatic views of Waimea Canyon are a must-see in Kauai!

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