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19 Ideas For What To Do In Cairo, Egypt

egypt camels in front of pyramids in egypt

Cairo is the bustling capital of Egypt and it’s one of the most fascinating places on Earth. As the gateway to the Great Pyramids of Giza, and home to many inspiring museums, it’s no wonder it’s one of the world’s most popular cities to visit.

But when it comes to deciding on what to do in Cairo, it can get overwhelming. The sheer number of Cairo attractions can make deciding which ones to visit a difficult task.

Egyptian pyramids

To help you out, we interviewed Giulia Cimarosti, who has previously lived in Cairo and is a regular visitor, who has shared with us all the top things to do in Cairo for a first time visit.

Giulia not only shares with us her insider tips on what to do in Cairo, Egypt, but she also shares the best places to eat, stay, drink, and explore. Let’s see what she says…

Is Cairo Worth Visiting?

Cairo has always been included in package tours for basically any trip to Egypt, but what’s usually shown is not the city itself. Only the Pyramids, the Great Egyptian Museum, and a few more touristic spots are all the visitors get to see.

Too many times I hear people saying they’ve been to Egypt but all they did was go to a beach resort and spend not more than a week there.

It might be beautiful but it’s definitely not an authentic Egyptian experience!

In my opinion, one can’t say he’s been to Egypt without spending some time in Cairo, this really takes people into the hectic Egyptian life, together with its many contrasts and real culture, food, habits.

In Cairo you can find one thing and its opposite; luxury and poverty, culture and illiteracy, beauty and ugliness, the friendliest people on Earth and the most dishonest ones, and so on.

Two days never look the same when you live in Cairo. If you have to go from A to B you’ll definitely have to face challenges and find a different solution every day and this is what makes it so exciting!

No one can say that Cairo is not an adventure, and for the adventurous traveller, for that reason I would say it’s definitely worth visiting.

What to do in Cairo

ancient buildings in a city
Cairo Skyline

To answer this question, I must ask myself “where would I take you if you visited me in Cairo?” – and the answer is undoubtedly these top attractions in Cairo.

1. Visit Al Azhar Park for Sunset

people walking beside water channel at al azhar park

On the same day you arrive, I would take you out for dinner at Al Azhar Park just before sunset, to show you the city from above and the sun going down on the Pyramids.

Located on the Mokattam Hills, it is…

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