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8 Unique Reasons To Visit Egypt In 2023!

people riding camels at sunrise in front of the pyramids

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You might be on the fence about visiting Egypt and that’s absolutely understandable, it doesn’t exactly have the best reputation as a travel destination.

When I hear people talk about Egypt, they talk about how big it is, how chaotic and busy it is, and that solo travellers never get a moment’s peace.

But I’m here to ease your mind and tell you that not all of Egypt is like this. There are countless reasons TO visit Egypt and make it a stop on your next vacation.

Not only is there so many things to do in Egypt, but it has plenty to offer every type of traveller; from history buffs to beach lovers, to hiking enthusiasts and adventurous explorers.

If you think Egypt has nothing but pyramids in Giza and other old monuments in Luxor and Aswan, then it’s time to change this perspective.

Here are all the top reasons to go to Egypt and make it your vacation destination!

Reasons to Visit Egypt

Whether you’re a history buff, a beach lover, a nature lover or explorer, here are the main reasons to visit Egypt in North Africa for your next vacation.

1. Egypt has Amazing Beaches

Egyptian sunbeds on the beach,    Sharm El Sheikh,  Egypt
Egyptian sunbeds on the beach, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Who said that all of Egypt is considered to be a close-minded country where you can’t possibly even wear shorts?

I would like to invite you to Hurghada , Sharm el Sheikh and other places in Sinai (like Dahab, Taba and Nuweiba)

If you’ve ever been to any of those beach getaways in Egypt you would know that, not only it is allowed to wear your favorite bikini to the beach (yes in Egypt!), but they also have amazing waters for you swim in wearing them.

You’ll find amazing aquatic life, coral reefs and colorful fish; many amazing diving and snorkeling spots, and more centers offering day trips to those amazing diving and scuba diving spots, for next to nothing!

2. Egypt Offers Relaxation

windsurfers on the Beach Dahab, Sinai Peninsula.
Egypt, Dahab, Sinai Peninsula.

Are you looking for that relaxed getaway where you can lay back all day and do nothing without being hassled and just enjoy the moment?

Not all of Egypt is as loud and crowded as Cairo.

I would like to introduce you to the relaxed (and more hippie towns) of Egypt: Siwa and Dahab. With both of them totally opposite to each other, you will find the place that meets your taste!

Siwa, the oasis that is literally in the middle of nowhere, lies alone in the middle of the…

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