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Best Iceland Tours To Book On Your Trip-23

Iceland is the most incredible country to explore. With stunning natural sites, erupting volcanoes and small cities like Reykjavik to visit, it’s the kind of country that you can visit year after year and never really see it all. This all makes it really important to book the very best trips in Iceland when you visit. 

Now one thing that’s important in Iceland is to plan, plan, plan! Whether you drive to the best Icelandic spots, book a heap of excursions or plan to hike these epic spots in Iceland, just make sure to plan. 

You see, Iceland has a relatively limited infrastructure and hotels, tours and experiences can sell out in peak times. This is especially important to remember if you’re travelling across the country (where services are a little more sparse).

So, to help you choose the very best trips in Iceland to book, check out our list below. Have the most incredible time visiting Iceland. 

1.) Whale Watching Tours

Best Trips In Iceland To Book

Whale watching is simply one of the best activities to do in Iceland; hands down! Now, there are a few places to board a whale-watching tour in Iceland; with the easiest being Reykjavik Harbour. 

Best Trips In Iceland To Book whale watching

Just make sure to book your whale-watching yacht tour in advance, tickets in peak times can fill up fast. Plus, once the boat is full… it’s full! The tour takes around 3 hours (but it always gives more) and it’s totally incredible. 

Boats can be directly boarded at Reykjavik’s harbour and it’s totally worth it to see the minke, orca, sperm and humpbacks. It’s well worth it, even if you don’t see all of them on one trip. 

Best Trips In Iceland To Book whale watching tour

If you wanted to book this fast RIB boat, book tickets on this whale-watching tour. It’s totally fun and the spotters can act quickly if whales are spotted. 

Oh, and a friendly reminder that this activity is not for people who have weak and shaky stomachs.

Remember, it is weather dependent, so if you’re dead set on whale watching, be sure to book your tickets a few days before you leave Iceland. This way, you can reschedule the whale-watching tour if the sea gets a bit too choppy. 

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2.) See Game of Thrones locations

Best Trips In Iceland To Book

Regardless if you’re into Game of Thrones, it’s well worth visiting some of the epic vistas where the series was shot in Iceland. 

Now, what I would say is that it’s not necessary to book to see these sites. It’s totally easy if you have a car and a great way to see the…

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