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11 Very Best Beaches Near London To Visit – Hand Luggage Only

Best Day Trips From London (15)

London might be a pretty big city, but there’s actually a heap of gorgeous and the best beaches near London to visit that are total gems. Yes, London has some incredible areas to explore, epic things to do and loads of beautiful palaces; but let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a trip to the seaside. 

Trust me, there are loads of gorgeous day trips from London that will take you right out of the city.

So, to help you get straight to the surf, I wanted to share some of the best beaches near London to visit for a day trip, an overnight stay or a long weekend. 

Stay safe in the water, take lots of suncreams and have the best time at the beach! 

1.) Camber Sands

Best Beaches Near London To Visit Camber Sands

Okay, for a gorgeous stretch of golden sandy shores, you have to head to Camber Sands. It’s one of the best beaches near London that’s around 70 miles away (about two hours in the car).  

Totally unspoilt, Camber Sands is mostly frequented by kitesurfers and windsurfers but is also a great place to just chill on the dunes.

One of the best things about this place, too, is that dogs and other pets are allowed to come with you during the months of May to September. It’s one spot worth seeing because it is one of the best places to totally chill as it never gets too crowded. 

As it’s such a vast shoreline, even with larger crowds you’ll always have lots of space for yourself. 

After a day on the beach, be sure to stop off at the town of Rye that’s just shy of Camber Sands. It’s totally gorgeous and has that quaint seaside town feel.

2.) Whitstable Beach

Best Beaches Near London To Visit Whitstable

Around 60 miles away from London, Whitstable is easily reached by train in 70 minutes. 

Often described as the perfect place to watch the sunset, Whitstable Beach has a traditional vibe but also a pretty cool feel about the town, too.

Best Beaches Near London To Whitstable Oysters

Enjoy a day peacefully at the old weatherboard cottages, wonderful beach huts, and sturdy fishing boats, whichever you prefer. Just be sure to grab some oysters (from Wheelers Oyster Bar) with lashings of lemon juice, too. 

Best Beaches Near London To Visit Whitstable Oysters

Finally, if you have some time to spare and spend, you can walk some more steps to see West Beach. It’s lovely. 

3.) Brighton

Best Beaches Near London To Visit Brighton

Brighton needs no introduction! Probably one of the most famous beaches near London to visit, it’s easily accessible by train in around 60 minutes. 

Yes, it’s a pebbled beach, but what it lacks in sand, it gains in charm. there are loads to do in…

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