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10 Very Best Places in Illinois To Visit – Hand Luggage Only

Best Places in Illinois To Visit Japanese Garden

Illinois is an incredible state in the United States to visit. With epic cities like Chicago, gorgeous shorelines and stunning state parks, it’s a perfect vacation spot. Best of all, there are loads of the very best places in Illinois dotted all across the state.

This all means that the hardest task you’ll have is squeezing them all into your trip.

So, to make things that little bit easier for you, I wanted to share my top places in Illinois that I think you’ll love. I travelled all across Illinois and loved it; I’m sure you will too. 

Anyway, no more rambling! Take a look, below, at the best places in Illinois to visit. Have an amazing trip! 

1.) Mississippi Palisades State Park

Best Places in Illinois To Visit River

A popular spot for those that love the great outdoors, visiting Mississippi Palisades State Park is one of the best things to do in Illinois that’s picture perfect.  

Situated where Apple and Mississippi rivers meet, it’s a region where you can spend hours, if not days exploring. Once here, take some time to hike the trails, ski in winter or snowshoe through the powdery snow.

Best of all, Mississippi Palisades State Park features around 15 miles of rugged paths and trails to explore. On that point, whilst hiking, check out Lookout Point for some of the best views. 

Going around and through limestone caves, soaring hills and wooded ravines are honestly stunning. This is especially true if you’re taking a road trip around the state and want to stretch your legs. 

If you are craving more adventures, you can still head to Indian Head and Twin Sister, famous rock-climbing formations, and do not forget to bring your own gear.

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2.) Shawnee National Forest

Best things to do in Illinois USA Nature

Another great outdoor spot in Illinois is Shawnee National Forest. Nestled on the southwest fringes, it’s one of the best things to do in Illinois when you’re heading south to Missouri or Kentucky. 

After all, it’s right at Illinois’ most southern point for a forest.

Best Places in Illinois To Visit Waterfall

One main attraction in the forest is the Garden of the Gods which is a magnificent rock formation that’s totally stunning.

There is a short observation trail around this geological area and it’s pretty easy to follow if you’re a moderate hiker.

Oh, and don’t forget about Jackson Falls, too. 

3.) Rockford

Best Places in Illinois To Visit Japanese Garden

Perched in the north of Illinois, the city of Rockford is a great stopping point for a city break as you traverse the state on a…

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