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Singapore Airlines attacked for introducing ‘unacceptable’ paper plates on flights

Singapore Airlines attacked for introducing ‘unacceptable’ paper plates on flights

Singapore Airlines has said it will consider feedback from customers before using paper plates on all medium and long-haul flights, after it came under fire for introducing the serviceware on a trial basis.

The southeast Asian flag-carrier introduced the paper plates in Premium Economy Class and Economy Class on selected medium and long-haul flights, stating that the new containers could “retain heat and moisture better than the current casserole dish” and would also allow the airline to serve “soupy and gravy-rich main courses” on its longer routes.

But in a Facebook post announcing the introduction of the Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper serviceware, the carrier was inundated with angry passengers threatening to take their business elsewhere as a result of the change.

One person said the food presentation resembled “a hawker centre”, while another said “This is horrible and cheap looking! Sorry, Singapore Airlines just NO.”

“Premium Economy is supposed to be the bridge between Economy and Business Class. Having paper serviceware does not spell premium or belong in that cabin class. At minimum there should at least have metal cutlery,” wrote one, while another described the paper containers as “unacceptable. Food looks mashed up together and very poorly presented”.

One person said: “Regardless of the sustainability efforts behind this, the image of this is the same as we would take a budget airline. I think what is worse is that this will be served on Premium Economy flights. Where is the differentiation other than the hardware between Economy and Premium Economy?”

Not all customers were unhappy, however. “This is a game changing idea,” commented one user. “Great to see a leading airline taking positive, committed steps towards sustainability. Looking forward to my next flight with Singapore Airlines.”

A spokesperson for the airline told Channel News Asia (CNA): “SIA will take on board customer feedback as well as operational considerations before deciding if this will be expanded across all medium- and long-haul flights.

“The new serviceware is made of Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, and will replace the disposable plastic casserole dish.

“This will help to reduce the amount of single-use plastics on board the aircraft… there are no cost savings by switching to the…

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