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Top 10 Things to Do in Guam (For a 3-Day Itinerary or More)

Top 10 Things to Do in Guam (For a 3-Day Itinerary or More)

Guam is a small tropical island destination in Micronesia that’s arguably overshadowed by its popular ‘neighbors’ such as that of Hawaii or Indonesia — but what a lot of tourists don’t know is that it’s the closest U.S. soil to Asia and that it is definitely a hidden gem of sorts. (Things to Do in Guam)

From its pristine sandy beaches to its rich Chamorro history, this US territory offers an array of activities, attractions, and cuisines that can cater to just about any kind of traveler. In fact, I have been to this magical island two times now and I still can’t get enough of it!

If you’re from Asia, a direct flight to Guam can only last for only 3.5 hours; as such, it’s an easily accessible getaway.

A lot of Japanese and Koreans actually regard Guam as a top favorite when they’re looking for a tropical escape, and it’s easy to see why because Guam is truly a treasure trove of numerous island activities. Rest assured, the throng of tourists here is not too overwhelming, so you will often find yourself enjoying a whole stretch of beach all for yourself — which is, naturally, an amazing thing!

Spanning about 549 sq. km, it is also a joy to drive through the island as you take it easy to visit various key spots. If you ask me, this is my top favorite must-do when on the island.

Overall, it might seem daunting at first to plan the perfect Guam itinerary but fret not! With the help of this post that’s based on my experiences, you can easily narrow down the top things to do in Guam so that no matter if you’re planning to visit for only a few days (or more), you’ll be making the most of your trip!

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Top Things to Do in Guam

1. Go beach-hopping all over the island

As an island that is blessed with a year-round tropical climate and long coastlines, Guam is a paradise for beach lovers! Let me help you take out the guesswork from figuring out the top places to see by checking out the list below:

TIP: A majority of the eastern beaches are ideal for swimming due to its calm and shallow waters that are caused by outer reefs that break the surf. (In contrast, excercise caution when exploring beyond the reef because it can be treacherous due to riptides and such).

  • Tumon Beach: This is arguably the most famous beach in Guam and arguably the most iconic too! After all, it is located right in the main downtown area of Tumon which is the center of the island. The best part? It has shallow waters so…

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