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Best places to visit in May 2023

Ruins in Samothraki; beaches in Barbados.

Combining shoulder-season prices with decent weather in many parts of the world, May offers a lot to travelers. So whether you’re seeking wildlife encounters, cultural happenings, an intrepid journey or a destination that won’t break the bank, there’ll be something in this month’s round-up sure to rouse your wanderlust. 

Here are the best places to go in May, for any travel style.  

Where are the best places to travel in May for relaxation? 

Ruins in Samothraki; beaches in Barbados © Shutterstock / Eduard Constantin; Getty Images/Flickr RF

Samothraki, Greece 

Why now? To see an underexplored part of Greece. 

Lurking out in the northeast Aegean, Samothraki (Samothrace) also lurks off most international tourists’ radars – and is all the more alluring for it (though it’s popular among Greeks, so avoid July and August). The island is home to forests, streams and waterfalls – especially lush and full-flowing in spring – and Mt Fengári, the highest peak in the region, atop which it’s said Poseidon sat to watch the Trojan War. This makes it a natural-adventure playground, great for hiking, rafting and canyoning, as well as a place to chill (the best beaches are at Pachia Ammos, Vatis and Kipos). If the sea still feels chilly in May, go to Thermá, to dip in the village’s warm natural mineral springs.


Why now? Sun’s out, surf’s up.

Barbados is your grade-A tropical paradise, prime for beach lazing, sun-soaking and enjoying the sea breeze. But it’s also one of the best islands in the Caribbean for surfing, especially on its Atlantic-facing south and east coasts. Conditions are usually good and consistent from November right through to June; the advantage of May is that, while there might be a little more rain than in the preceding months, it’s still super sunny, and prices are lower, too. Top spots for catching waves include Freights Bay (good for beginners), South Point and Soup Bowl, a world-class wave near laid-back Bathsheba that has hosted international competitions. Brandons, a glorious beach near the capital Bridgetown, is also popular.

Where are the best places to travel to in May for wildlife and nature?

Hiking in the Great Smoky. Mountains; icebergs in Newfoundland; greenery in Damaraland
Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains; icebergs in Newfoundland; greenery in Damaraland © LL28 / Getty Images; jimfeng / Getty Images; Anastasiia Shavshyna/Getty Images

Great Smoky Mountains, USA

Why now? Glimpse a dazzling natural display, before the crowds arrive.

The Smokies are truly on fire this…

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