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The Sensational White Sands Walk In Jervis Bay

view of Greenfield Beach with no one on it

Man, I loved this coastal walk. It’s one of those trails I could have just kept on walking (even with a 2-year-old strapped on my back).

I’m putting the White Sands Walk and Scribbly Gum track in Jervis Bay up there with one of my favourite short walks in Australia so far, and it turned out to be the perfect way to take in the natural beauty of Jervis Bay, with scenes such as this:

Greenfield Beach

And the best part about it is you get to sit on the beach at the end with practically no one else around you. Well, unless you’re walking during the school holidays in August.

If you think this short walk in Jervis Bay sounds ideal for you and your family, then keep reading to see how you can do it and learn about what to expect.

Quick Overview: White Sands Walk, Jervis Bay

Where is Jervis Bay? The Jervis Bay region is just 180km south of Sydney (about 2.5 hours drive) on the NSW South Coast.

You start the White Sands Walk at the Greenfield Beach picnic area, walk to Hyams beach, and return.


What is the distance of the White Sands Walk?: 2km from Greenfields Beach to Hyams Beach

How long does the walk take? It takes between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on how many breaks you take.

Grade: 3

Where to stay?: The nearby town of Huskisson offers ample accommodation options for all budgets, plus lots of nice cafes. We stayed in a cabin at Jervis Bay Caravan Park overlooking the river.

How to Do the White Sands Walk and Scribbly Gum track

beach track lading down to Seamans Beach, Jervis Bay, Australia
Seamans Beach

White Sands Walk and Scribbly Gum are one of the best short walks in Jervis Bay. The two tracks are interconnected, but it’s essentially the White Sands Walk on the way and Scribbly Gum on the way back.

The walk is a scenic loop around Jervis Bay National Park, taking you from Greenfield Beach to Hyams Beach Town and back.

white sands walk jervis bay map
Map of the trail from Greenfield Beach to Hyams Beach

The start of the trail is at the Greenfield Beach picnic area, or you can start from Plantation Point and walk past Blenheim Beach and Nelson Beach, if you want to do a longer walk. Don’t rush off from the picnic area to do the walk. You may find some wallabies, possums and other native wildlife roaming here.

It’s also the only point on the trail with toilet facilities so last chance to go before you hike!

You will see a signpost directing the way from Greenfield Beach picnic area past the picnic tables, and you simply follow the trail from there. It’s a well maintained trail with natural terrain, but it’s pretty…

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