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11 Stunning Byron Bay Beaches You Must Set Foot On

Clarkes Beach with mountains in the background

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The Byron Bay Beaches are legendary. It’s not just Australians and the surfing community who know about Byron Bay, but people all over the world.

They draw thousands of international visitors from around the world who want to ride their waves, experience the world-famous community vibe, and soak up the East Coast sunshine.

Fair warning, those who visit, many never want to leave, and I don’t think you could get any more Australian than learning to surf at Byron Bay.

Clarkes Beach

Australia is known for its beaches, its has over 10,000 of them, and Byron has some of the best in the country.

You don’t have to be a surfer to appreciate the amazing beaches on offer in Byron. Just taking a swim, a walk or celebrating one of the magic sunsets with a cold drink is enough to cast that spell over you that many can’t escape from.

I’m not a surfer but I love the beaches in Byron and can see and feel the excitement of the guys and gals who get up at the crack of dawn to hit the waves.

lifesaver umbrella and boards on beach with byron lighthouse in background

For me, I appreciate that they’re clean, sheltered, family friendly and not overdeveloped with high-rises. And ranging in temperature from 18°C in the winter to 26°C in the summer, this is my kind of beach that you can enjoy all year round.

But if you don’t know which beach is right for you. Check out these unmissable Byron Bay beaches below.

The Best Byron Bay Beaches

From quiet and peaceful beaches to excellent surf, you will find everything you need and more at these incredible beaches!

1. Main Beach Byron Bay

A group of people on a beach
Main Beach, Bryon

They don’t call it Main Beach for nothing. It’s where it all happens in Byron Bay – well, most of it.

Main Beach is the closest beach to town and the most popular. If you’ve ever seen a postcard of Byron I bet it was of Main Beach.

With a north-facing curve comes a popular surf break, soft white sand, turquoise water, a surf patrol for the kids and INCREDIBLE sunsets.

Main Beach is the quintessential Aussie beach. It’s not just a beach but a place where locals and tourists alike can come together and enjoy the faciltiies.

It has a long grassy area with picnic tables, the perfect spot for picnics without getting sand in your sandwiches, as well as all the facilities you need – parking, toilets, showers and a Surf Club where you can book surfing lessons.

people sitting on deck of Byron Bay Beach Hotel,

Not to mention it has the iconic Byron…

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