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6 Things To Know Before Taking a Cycling Trip

Mountain biking British Columbia (photo: Greg Rosenke)

Bike travel is one of the most freeing and exhilarating ways to explore the world. You can go at your own pace, cover more ground than you could on foot, and get a feel for a place by pedaling through it.

Going on an extended bike tour can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, it is essential to plan adequately beforehand to ensure a comfortable and safe trip.

Whether you’re planning on cycling a few miles or taking a cross-country biking journey, there are some essential things that you need to know before setting out. 

Mountain biking British Columbia (photo: Greg Rosenke)
Mountain biking British Columbia (photo: Greg Rosenke)

1. Choose the Right Bike

Depending on the terrain, consider a road bike or mountain bike.

Before you set out on any bike travel, it’s important to choose the right bike for you. What works best depends on the terrain and how rugged it is.

For example, a mountain bike is the way to go if you’re tackling very steep hills and winding paths in mountainous terrain.

If the roads you’ll be cycling on are primarily flat and paved, then a road bike could be more suitable.

Make sure to utilize online resources. For example, has a great selection of bikes to choose from, no matter what type of adventure you’re looking for.

All of their bikes have been tested over multiple terrains worldwide, so you can rest assured that whatever option you choose will fit your riding style and experience level.

2. Invest in a High-Quality Bike and Accessories

When planning a bike trip, it’s vital to consider equipping yourself with the right accessories.

Investing in a good quality helmet is absolutely necessary to protect yourself from accidents or unexpected falls.

You should also invest in good quality locks to secure your bike when you’re away from it and lights or reflectors as they improve your visibility and others on the road during nighttime rides.

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality yet affordable biking accessories, offers a wide range of options with exclusive discounts that help make cycling an enjoyable experience.

Bike travel in Switzerland (photo: Kay Liedl)
Bike travel in Switzerland (photo: Kay Liedl)

3. Pack Light and Smart

Choose items that are multi-purpose and easy to carry.

To ensure an enjoyable and practical journey, packing light is essential: your bike will be your primary mode of transportation, so choose items that don’t take up much room and aren’t too heavy. 

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