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The PERFECT 3 Days in Taipei Itinerary [2023 Guide]

The PERFECT 3 Days in Taipei Itinerary [2023 Guide]

Make the most of your time in Taiwan with our perfect 3 days in Taipei itinerary!

From chowing down on Taiwanese delicacies in Taipei’s night markets to hiking in the hills of Maokong, Taipei’s is one of Asia’s most interesting cities.

Taipei has long held the reputation of being one of Asia’s most intoxicating cities.

It combines the best of urban and rural in a way that few other cities on the continent can.

All while being affordable, offering oodles of history and culture and having some Asia’s most tantalising cuisine.

Taipei really does have it all. And in truth you could easily spend more than 3 days in Taipei – between hiking in the mountains, exploring old temples and stuffing your face at one of the cities numerous night markets and other eateries – there is plenty to keep you busy

Your Perfect 3 Days in Taipei Itinerary

Taipei in 3 days is certainly a squeeze, but a doable one!

Make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes as you will definitely be getting the steps over these jam-packed days! 

To start with I recommend checking out this 3-day unlimited rail and attractions pass, which will really make your Taipei itinerary easy and cheap to do.

Day 1 

Here’s how you should spend the first day in Taipei!

Morning – Enjoy An Early Morning Stroll Around Tamsui

Begin your time in Taipei by getting out of the city to the lovely coastal area of Tamsui. It’s littered with temples, old markets and plenty of great places to pick up a bite to eat when the sun has risen.

Hobe Fort and Aletheia University are a reminder of the areas of fascinating history, with Peace Park also well worth checking out.

The grounds of Aletheia University are pretty big, so there is plenty to explore.

To the north-west of the MTR there is a maze of alleyways made of markets, shops and temples that are well worth checking out.

Afternoon – Palace Museum 

Wondering what to do in Taipei for 3 days? Well visiting the Palace Museum should be high on your list! 

This is surely the number one destination in Taipei. This museum contains over 700,000 pieces of Chinese art encompassing 8000 years of Chinese history.

The sheer quantity and diversity of what’s on show is staggering.

Understandably the museum is huge. So plan what you want to see first to maximise your time, and get your e-ticket early.

The calligraphy section is particularly impressive. 

There are not a huge amount of food options nearby, aside from a cafe at the museum….

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