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Krakow tourists freaked out by ‘creepy’ Prince William and Kate Middleton waxworks

Krakow tourists freaked out by ‘creepy’ Prince William and Kate Middleton waxworks

A waxwork museum in Poland has gone viral after one visitor shared a video of the “creepy” models of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Footage shared to TikTok shows Becka Blackburn touring round the Krakow Wax Museum, which currently has a rating of just 2.5 on Tripadvsor.

Captioned, “Come with me to the worst wax museum in Poland”, the video, which has been viewed more than 13 million times, takes in celebrity waxworks such as Shrek, Michael Jackson, Harry Potter cast members, Elvis, Mike Tyson and Lady Gaga.

Members of the British royal family are also represented, with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince William and Kate Middleton making an appearance.

Prince William’s wax figure was compared to “Hugh Grant after 20 Jagerbombs”, while other commenters said Kate Middleton’s model “had them cackling”.

“No words, just tears of laughter,” wrote another, while one said, “I thought it was getting better then it got to Prince Willliam and Kate”.

“He looks as if he has an itch he can’t scratch,” another said, while one said that the heir to the British throne “scared me with his smile”.

Kate Middleton boasts an extended forehead, while her trademark silky brown hair has been replaced with a straw-coloured frizzy mop.

Prince William’s wax doppelganger features a fixed, maniacal smile and slightly green complexion.

Elsewhere, Mike Tyson and Prince Philip’s were broadly agreed to be the only two to bear some resemblance to the real-life celebrities’ appearance, with one person saying: “They put their entire budget into Tyson and Prince Philip and then were like, ‘I mean we have some leftover wax, let’s experiment’”.

The museum, which has been open for 10 years, welcomes more than 10,000 visitors each month to take selfies alongside their wax figures, according to Polish media.

“It takes about five mins to walk around, we even saw a child crying, probably because she was so scared of the creepy figures,” one reviewer concluded.

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