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16 Best Beaches in Texas to Visit in 2023

Top Beaches in Texas Blue Wave Beach

When you think of the best beaches in the USA, you might think of visiting Miami, California, or perhaps the Washington coastline. However, overlooking Texas beaches is a travesty. Texas beaches are not unlike the pristine, mega-popular Florida beaches. Texas beaches are dreamy – with fewer crowds, beautiful clean sand dunes, and plenty of wildlife.

Top Beaches in Texas

Whether beach-goers want the cleanest beaches formally recognized by the Clean Beaches Coalition or just a quiet beach to enjoy with a book, Texas beaches are fantastic. The entire coast of East Texas is brimming with sandy shores.

These are the best 16 beaches in Texas. Grab your towel and sun cream because these best beaches are all worth a visit.

1. Crystal Beach

Best Beaches in Texas Crystal Beach

A 7-mile stretch of unassuming-looking white-gray sand, Crystal Beach is one of the best beaches in Texas for a peaceful experience. There are no beachfront restaurants and infrastructure – just outstretched sand and the occasional dolphin pod causing temporary mayhem in the water. Crystal Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Texas and is ideal for swimming or sunbathing. And in terms of busyness, you’ll be lucky to walk past more than a handful of people. The size of Crystal Beach means you only really have to interact with people if you want to.

Crystal Beach is on the Bolivar Peninsula, around an hour and a half drive from Houston. It is best reached by car, as public transport is relatively limited.

  • Crystal Crab is where to stay near Crystal Beach, just 350 yards away on foot. The holiday home offers a self-catered experience with a luxurious balcony.

2. Rockport Beach

Best Beaches in Texas Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach is angelic looking. This Texas beach arcs in a smooth curve with golden sand and traditional beach umbrellas. Your first impression is that it looks serene, and that’s entirely accurate. Even its waters are peaceful. Rockport Beach is perfect for those who want a quick paddle, as its waters are shallow and gentle.

Rockport Beach is in the sheltered Aransas Bay, just north of Corpus Christi. The beach is protected from the winds and currents of the Gulf of Mexico by San Jose Island. Its location is what gives it its most attractive quality – peacefulness. Sitting on Rockport Beach feels like sitting in your own private world.

If you stay in Corpus Christi, you’ll have to drive as there is no public transport option. It takes around 38 minutes by car.

3. Surfside Beach

Best Beaches in Texas Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is another little town…

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