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20 Beautiful Greek Islands to Visit in 2023

best greek islands Elafonisi Beach-Crete

In this post, you’ll learn all the secrets of the best islands in Greece from a well-travelled local herself!

The Greek islands need no special introduction. They’re renowned all across the globe for being the perfect destination for a summer vacation. But, what makes the islands in Greece so special? I’m from Greece and have travelled to all of these islands and can tell you that each one is unique.

Quick Look: Top 5 Greek Islands to Visit in 2023

  • Crete: Best Overall Island in Greece
  • Santorini: Most Romanic Greek Island
  • Mykonos: Best Island in Greece for Parties
  • Corfu: For a Cosmopolitan Stay
  • Kefalonia: Best Island in Greece for Beaches

Apart from the gorgeous beaches, the Greek islands are great for a romantic honeymoon, a holiday with friends, or a family vacation with kids.

As an adventure seeker or a party-goer, you’ll also find an island in Greece that suits your vibe. There are so many fantastic places to see in Greece, with the islands having a little something for everyone.

The Greek islands are among the most exciting destinations to visit in the world for their unique ambience, beautiful architecture, excellent weather, and authentic way of life.

Gorgeous Elafonisi beach in Crete

Best Greek Islands to Visit

I’m Greek and I have lived all my life in Greece. Ever since I was a kid, my family’s go-to summer destination was one of the islands.

As a grown-up and avid traveller, no matter the wonders of the world I’ve seen, the beautiful Greek islands will always have a special place in my heart. 

Greece has more than 200 inhabited islands! Here I’ll list the 20 best Greek islands for tourists looking for the perfect vacation. 

1. Santorini: most romantic island in Greece

Santorini Greece best island for romance
Beautiful Santorini, a great island for couples looking for a romantic getaway

Perhaps the most famous island in Greece, Santorini is the most photogenic one as well.

Santorini is an island of stunning architecture, gorgeous views, incredible sunsets, and unique landscapes. However, the island’s extraordinary beauty is also why it can get really crowded, especially during summer.

The island is also one of the most romantic destinations in the world and it certainly offers the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos with your significant other.

Last but not least, Santorini has some culinary delights on offer. Don’t leave the island without trying mashed fava beans and any tomato-based…

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