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5 Practical Uses for a Pocket Knife in Camping

Camping in Zion National Park (photo: Zach Betten)

A folding pocket knife is necessary for any outdoor activity, especially camping, trekking, and general outdoor recreation.

In addition to its obvious survival value, a survival knife also has several practical uses at the camp and on the route. Consider these five examples of pocket knife usage in nature.

Camping in Zion National Park (photo: Zach Betten)
Camping in Zion National Park (photo: Zach Betten)

Reasons to Bring a Pocket Knife

1. Food Preparation

Outdoor cooking is one of the most prevalent applications for a knife. Preparing food with a knife is possible using a bonfire or a portable stove. Also, it may be used to pierce plastic and metal containers.

Bring a good knife on your next camping trip to securely and effectively prepare meals.

2. Lighting a Match

Learning how to start a fire without matches is one of the essential survival skills you should have in the woods.

Shaving tiny bits of wood from bigger branches or logs may be used as kindling. The sparks that hit a ferrocerium rod may be used to start a fire in dry tinder.

If you don’t have access to a ferrocerium rod or matches, you can use a folding pocket knife and the bow drill or hand drill methods to make a friction fire.

3. Making a Shelter

In the right hands, a knife can be used to construct a makeshift shelter to keep you dry and warm if you spend the night in the wilderness.

Stakes for the shelter may be carved, bark can be stripped, and branches chopped with a knife. This tool may easily cut the rope or cordage needed to bind the shelter together.

Constructing a warm, waterproof shelter without a sharp knife with a strong blade is next to impossible.

4. First Aid

Accidents happen while you’re outside, and a knife will come in handy if you need to provide first aid.

A cut may be made visible by cutting through clothes or bandages. Makeshift slings and tourniquets from strips of fabric are also possible with this tool.

In addition, a knife may be used to clean out a cut or scrape and remove any pesky material.

Yet, care must be taken while using a knife for first aid, and the blade must be well-cleaned and sanitized before it can be used.

5. Rope-Cutting

In the vast outdoors, rope or cordage may be used for many reasons, including tying down a shelter and fastening equipment.

Rope and cordage may be trimmed with a knife to the required length or spliced into shorter lengths for use in various situations.

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