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Where to Stay in Tirana in 2023 (Best Areas and Places)

A must-visit place while in Tregu Cam is the monument of Skanderbeg Square in Tirana.

If you’ve booked your trip and are wondering where to stay in Tirana, then look no further than this post. Tirana is a fantastic and fairly big city, filled with excellent things to see and do.

There are lots of interesting historical monuments, sites, museums, and shopping opportunities to enjoy, as well as plenty of culture to soak up from the many, many cafes in Tirana.

I spent a month in Tirana, exploring the various neighborhoods and learning about this amazing city. It’s one of my favorite cities in Europe and somewhere I intend to return to again soon. If you’re wondering where to stay in Tirana, read on for my recommendations.

Best Areas to Stay in Tirana

Quick Look: Best Areas to Stay in Tirana

Tregu Cam: Best Place To Stay in Tirana for Your First Time

When considering where to stay in Tirana for the first time, look no further than Tregu Cam. It’s the best place to stay in Tirana for newcomers, as it’s perfectly located to access the best that Tirana has to offer.

Tregu Cam is close to Skanderbeg Square, which is right in the middle of the city. There are some excellent things to do in Tregu Cam, including some of the best museums. It’s also within easy walking distance of all the other neighborhoods on this list, if you wish to explore further.

In Tregu Cam, you’ll find plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants, as well as some amazing, historical architecture. Be prepared to find more travelers here, however, as thanks to its popularity, it’s one of the busier places to stay in Triana.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options for where to stay in Tirana city center in Tregu Cam.

Best Places to Stay in Tregu Cam

There are some lovely places to stay in the center of Tirana. Here, you’ll find international hotels as well as some cool, and cost-effective boutique options. Below are some of my favorite choices for Tregu Cam:

1. Night Inn Tirana: The Night Inn Tirana is perfectly located in the heart of Tregu Cam and only 750 meters from Skanderbeg Square. It’s a clean, modern hotel with everything you need for a short stay in Tirana.

2. AJ Apartments: If you want more space, then AJ Apartments is an option. Modern and cozy, this studio apartment has great views over the city and a small balcony for early-morning coffees.

3. A Flower in Tirana: For a larger, more traditional apartment with all the mod-cons, check out the A Flower in Tirana apartment. It is located…

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