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Bali proposes motorbike ban for tourists due to traffic law violations

Bali proposes motorbike ban for tourists due to traffic law violations

Bali is proposing a new motorbike ban for tourists, due to traffic laws being repeatedly flouted.

Over 171 international visitors to the Indonesian island have broken traffic laws so far across February and March this year.

Under the new plans, foreign nationals will have to use rental cars as their main mode of transport instead.

The Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, said during a press conference on 12 March: “Borrowing or renting motorbikes is no longer allowed.

“If you are a tourist, then act like a tourist,” he added.

Foreign nationals are regularly seen riding motorbikes without helmets or clothes, and “violating” traffic rules, Mr Koster claimed.

Others do not possess a valid licence.

The Bali governor has said the ban is being introduced this year because visitor numbers are increasing again following Covid restrictions.

Head of Bali regional police, inspector general of police, Putu Jayan Danu Putra, emphasised the need for ensuring tourists also follow the rules when renting cars.

“We provide education to rental vehicles that will be rented out to foreigners to always comply with existing traffic rules,” he explained.

Bali Motorbike Rental Association chairman Dedek Warjana has raised concerns about the impact this move could have on rental businesses, however, and said tourists and residents should follow the same rules.

“This regulation should be tightened,” he said.

“Foreigners imitate the habits of local residents. Therefore, if there are foreigners or local residents who break the traffic law, it is mandatory to take action.”

There has been a series of motorcycle accidents in Bali which have led to serious injury and deaths in recent years.

A Ukranian tourist was killed after losing control of his motorbike in January 2023.

The following month, a Russian tourist was involved in a collision with a local person while intoxicated.

And in 2022, a British couple broke their backs in a moped crash while holidaying in Bali, while a US travel blogger suffered a brain injury following a scooter accident in 2021.

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