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Runaway bag takes off across the tarmac in San Francisco

Runaway bag takes off across the tarmac in San Francisco

High winds caused a rogue suitcase to escape across the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) on 14 March.

Passenger Declan Weir shared a video on Twitter of the wheeled piece of luggage rolling across the airport runway at speed.

Mr Weir captioned the post: “It’s so windy at SFO today, nobody wants to take off, except this bag…”.

Over 400 flights in and out of the airport were delayed due to the weather that day, while 80 were cancelled.

In the video, the checked luggage quickly picks up speed across a section of tarmac, before hitting a mound of grass and falling over.

Mr Weir was on an Air Canada aircraft waiting for his flight to take off when he spotted the suitcase’s escapades.

His flight ended up being delayed by an hour due to the weather.

The post has garnered 2,300 likes, with users quick to comment underneath.

Many spoke of their own experiences with the blustery weather.

“I’m here waiting for my flight in a different state thats been taxiing at SFO for over 5 hrs,” wrote one user. “This was funny. Thanks for the laugh.”

“This is what my street looked like earlier with our wheelie bins,” another added, while a local resident confirmed the windy conditions, writing: “I live close to SFO, and yup it was windy today!”

Others joked about the bag not wanting to wait around for its delayed aircraft to take off.

“Bag: I got somewhere to be,” a Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, there was also speculation about what kind of suitcase it was.

“We need to know what brand it is,” someone posted, adding: “Damn good rollers!”.

However, concern was also raised for the person whose luggage had made a bid for freedom.

“Imagine you’re onboard and see your suitcase making a break for it!”, a user commented, with someone else adding: “This is yet another reason to add to the list of why I do carry-on only.”

The Independent has contacted San Francisco International Airport for comment.

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