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Ryanair trolls 5ft 7in passenger over height in savage tweet

Ryanair trolls 5ft 7in passenger over height in savage tweet

Ryanair has trolled a passenger on Twitter who complained about the limited leg room on his flight.

Passenger Steve Merry posted a picture of his knees pressed against the seat, with the caption: “I’m only 5ft 7in @Ryanair.”

The low cost carrier retweeted Mr Merry’s post, cheekily asking: “You going to update your Tinder profile then?”

The budget airline’s online clapback has garnered amost 60,000 likes since it was shared on 15 March, and people were quick to comment underneath the sarcastic response.

Clapping back, Mr Merry replied: “I’m all about personality.”

“We believe you, Steve,” Ryanair joked back.

In one response to Ryanair’s apparent trolling, a user asked: “How is this a real company”.

“Because planes,” came the Ryanair social media account’s reply.

However, others disputed Mr Merry’s complaint.

“I flew to Tenerife with you the other week and had plenty of room and I’m 6ft 1in,” one user said, while another added: “I’m 5ft 10in and I fit perfectly fine in your seats.”

“I’m 6ft 3in pal,” a third chimed in. “It’s fine. Sit up properly and don’t slouch. You’ll ruin your back otherwise.”

In a Tinder-themed reply, one user pointed out: “Although he doesn’t have room to swipe left.”

Others appreciated Ryanair’s sense of humour, with one person writing: “Great banter.”

“I’m only here to see Ryanair’s social media team having a good time!” another added.

Ryanair is known for its social media sarcasm and has a history of online trolling.

Recent examples include the airline trolling a passenger for complaining about check-in rules in February, saying at the time: “Adulting is hard.”

Last year, the budget airline made fun of a passenger for complaining about a window seat. The carrier also trolled Dublin Airport for its long security queues in December.

The Independent has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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