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Essential Hiking Gear for Any Hike

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There are many kinds of hiking – day hikes, multi-day hikes, long distance hiking, circuit hiking, pilgrimages, hut to hut hikes, bushwalking, thru-hikes and more. I’ve done and enjoyed them all. Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of practice at packing the perfect hiking gear for the specific hike I’ve got planned. Now I’ve finally put all of this experience into an essential hiking packing list – good for any kind of hike.

The one thing this hiking packing list doesn’t cover is ALL of the gear you may need for true backpacking – such as camp stoves, camp food, etc.

How This Hiking Packing List Works

First – I update this list every year with new things I’ve tried or remove things that are no longer available. It was last updated in March 2023. I test out this gear personally by taking it out on hikes and traveling with it. Living in Colorado means I do a lot of hiking around home, but I also do a lot of hiking trips all around the world.

Annapurna Circuit

I take hiking gear really seriously. Unlike many publications, I believe that reviewing a piece of gear implies actually using that piece of gear for an extended amount of time.  I use the gear I’m writing about, not just once, but many times. This isn’t simply about getting you to shop on Amazon, it’s about getting you the best hiking gear for your next adventure. 

For each type of hike, your packing list needs vary. Sometimes you are staying in tents, sometimes guesthouses, and sometimes hotels. In addition, things like temperature, weather, and terrain factor into your gear needs. Because there are so many variations, here’s how this gear list works:

I’ve provided you with several categories of gear that I’ve found are essential on every hiking packing list, no matter the type.

In each category, I give you a few tips and things to look for in your gear, as well as specific suggestions for items that I’ve used and liked. When a variation becomes necessary based on the type of hike (day hike vs. thru hike), I’ll give you a few different suggestions based on the different types of hikes.

I’ve also included a free downloadable hiking packing list that highlights a dayhike packing list for you to print out and use. Simply sign up and I’ll email it to you so you can check things off and make sure nothing is forgotten!

Downloadable Hiking Packing List

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