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7 of the best places to visit in Ghana

7 of the best places to visit in Ghana

With stunning beaches, rich culture and vibrant cities, plus a stable democracy and tourism-friendly infrastructure, the West African country of Ghana is one of the most interesting and accessible destinations on the continent – it’s even been called “Africa for beginners.” 

Situated between Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso, this hot spot has a colorful traditional heritage to explore – largely through spicy food, bright African art and historical colonial sights. Accra is the capital and the country’s cosmopolitan hub, but there are sights to see outside the city limits as well, all easy to reach with great attractions.

Experience the best of Ghana with these top places to visit. 

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1. Accra is best place to go for Ghanaian art, food and nightlife

Ghana’s capital is an open door to the country’s culture – a gateway to Ghanaian, art, food and nightlife. Choose from elegant nightspots such as the rooftop Skybar25 or the stylish Bistro 22, tailored to tourists, expats and diasporas that can afford the high prices, and eateries offering a more down-to-earth taste of Ghanian cuisine, such as Auntie Muni Waakye and Bush Canteen, which serve local favorites like jollof rice, made with tomato sauce and spices, and waakye, a black-eyed-pea dish.

In the galleries, you’ll find images of Ghanaian social life from up-and-comers such as Kwesi Botchway and Afia Prempeh, and internationally recognized artists including Serge Clottey and Betty Acquah. Pieces from Ghanaian and African artists as a whole are captured inside showrooms across the city – contemporary art at Gallery 1957, older African works at Berj Gallery and rotating visual-art installations at the Nubuke Foundation, to name just a few.

2. Tamale has arts and crafts and Islamic architecture

Tamale is the northern capital of Ghana, and it has a great blend of architecture both old and new, from modern high-rises to buildings dating as far back as 150 years. 

One highlight is the Tamale Central Mosque – it has the capacity for thousands of Muslim worshipers, hundreds of whom visit in droves for daily prayers. The mosque is located right in the center of the city, standing out with its green-topped minaret; a step inside reveals a range of multicolored patterned mats gracefully lining the floor, ready for prayer.

Tamale is also…

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