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Booked: From Kia Ora to Konnichiwa

Booked: From Kia Ora to Konnichiwa

Greetings from 35,000 feet in the air! 

I’ve been off gallivanting for the past five weeks or so on a trip that began in French Polynesia before continuing onward to Oceania and now Japan. 

This is an update to, and a continuation of, my previous trip that left off from Bora Bora a short while ago. At the time, the rest of my travels were relatively open-ended, but since I’ve now locked in most of the itinerary, I thought I’d share an update here as to my whereabouts and the trip planning process.

The Trip

On this part of my trip, I’ve been rediscovering Oceania after a long time away. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit New Zealand, which left a lasting positive impression on me, and it’s a place I’m keen to return to time and time again.

After a few days hopping around New Zealand, I headed over to Australia to explore Sydney for the first time and spent some time with a Prince of Travel team member in Melbourne. The weather in Australia this time of year is perfect, as it’s neither painfully hot nor is it chilly by any means.

This was my first time in Sydney

I’d visited Melbourne a few years ago as well, and I was looking forward to catching up with a team member and exploring the city through the eyes of a digital nomad local. 

After sipping on some delicious coffee and checking out some great hotels, I’ll hop over to Northern Japan for some time in Niseko. I’m meeting up with some friends in the travel space – Jarvis from The Luxury Traveller, Immanuel from Flight Hacks, and Albert from JetAlbert – to do some skiing in one of Japan’s best ski areas, which fellow team member T.J. also visited earlier on this year

Following my time on the slopes, I’ll head back home to Vancouver after what will have been the longest I’ve been away from home for quite some time, at around five weeks! 

The Flights

On this part of my trip, I had the opportunity to try out a nice variety of new airlines that I either haven’t flown in a while or that are completely new to me. To boot, I also found myself in a few classes of service that I may not typically frequent. 😉

After an idyllic time in Bora Bora, my partner Jessy headed back to Canada, while I continued onward to the next part of my trip. 

I booked a premium economy flight from Papeete to Auckland with Air Tahiti Nui for 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles. I figured it’d be a good…

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