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The 3D printed superyacht concept designed to be ‘virtually invisible’

A rendering of the Pegasus concept by Jozeph Forakis Design, described as the

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It’s usually relatively difficult to fail to notice a superyacht, but this new concept from Jozeph Forakis Design has actually been designed to disappear into the background.

Described as “virtually invisible” both in design and environmental impact, the 88-meter Pegasus concept is to be the world’s first 3D printed superyacht, according to the designer.

The huge vessel will feature “wings” with mirrored glass that reflect its surroundings to try to enable it to blend in.

The superyacht’s superstructure is to be fitted with solar panels that power electrolyzers extracting hydrogen from seawater.

The hydrogen will then be converted into electricity, which is stored in lithium-ion battery banks that can be used to power operating systems and amenities.

The Pegasus concept will produce zero emissions and hold an almost infinite range, according to Forakis, who says that he dreamed up the design while visiting a beach in Greece.

“I was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline,” he says in a statement. “I wanted to honor nature by blending into it, becoming virtually invisible.”

The superyacht concept is to feature

Forakis goes on to explain that the superyacht will be constructed using robotic 3D printing “to create a mesh framework integrating both hull and superstructure,” which will require “less energy, material, waste, space and time” than a more traditional vessel.

As for the inside, Pegasus will be equipped with various amenities, including an on-board pool club with an aquarium-style lap pool that can operate as a helipad when covered. There’s also a beach club with a huge hot tub and fold-down balconies.

The stand out feature of the interior is the “Tree of Life,” which extends throughout all four decks, connected by a sculptural spiral staircase, and serves as the core of a hydroponic garden…

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