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22 Exciting Things To Do In Port Macquarie, NSW NSW

Pilots Beach, NSW, Australia

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I grew up holidaying in Port Macquarie and have fond childhood memories of camping at the Breakwall Caravan Park and having endless fun at the beach.

We loved those trips to Port Macquarie. It was a great getaway from our home near Sydney and all members of my family enjoyed visiting time and time again because there are endless things to do in Port Macquarie.

Pilots Beach

It was so exciting to revisit Port Macquarie with my own kids and show them places from my own childhood, as well as explore more of the Greater Port Macquarie region.

Since I was a child, there are so many more attractions in Port Macquarie, up in the hinterland, and around the Camden Haven region and I soon found out our three day visit wasn’t nearly long enough. Which can be a good thing as we must now return for more!

If you’re not sure what to do in Port Macquerie, then be sure to check out the below unmissable attractions.

Plus a few extra suggestions from helpful readers of our blog.

Things to do in Port Macquarie

The best way to appreciate the beauty of this region is by getting out and enjoying the diverse range of activities, and we did our best to cover the highlights. Below are some of our favorite activities in Port Macquerie.

1. Catch Sunrise at Town Beach

Sunrise in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

It’s worth getting out of bed early for sunrise in Port Macquarie. Several people suggested the Tacking Point Lighthouse is awesome at sunrise, and I’m sure it is.

But I opted for Town Beach and the breakwall as I could walk there from our apartment, and it meant getting up just a wee bit later.

grafitti painted rocks on Port Maquarie rockwall with sunset in background

The first sunrise shot I took was from the beach using a lifeguards tower for some foreground interest, then from the end of the iconic breakwall as a local fisherman went about catching his lunch.

As I was shooting away many people were pulling into the car park and heading off by foot. My guess is they were starting the popular Coastal Walk.

2. Visit Billabong Koala Wildlife Park

We arrived at the Billabong Koala Wildlife Park just in time to see “Shrek” the monster croc get fed. At 4.6 metres long, he’s an intimidating fella when hungry and this is as close as I ever want to get to a croc.

crocodile in water at Billabong Zoo,

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