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The 10 best US cities for solo female travellers you might not have considered

The 10 best US cities for solo female travellers you might not have considered

The US is a diverse playground for solo travellers, whether you want to hike craggy canyons, drive through big landscapes, or explore a skyscraper-crowned metropolis. But a city is an particularly appealing place to kick off a wider trip, dropping you straight into a convivial scene with plenty of sights, tours and opportunities to meet people.

We’ve all heard about the highlights of New York, LA and Las Vegas, but other starting points are less trodden by solo female travellers, despite being more manageable, friendlier and cheaper than the biggest hitters.

What to look for in a solo-friendly US city? A compact city centre or several small, walkable neighbourhoods add atmosphere and enable you to explore on foot. A decent safety record is another priority – the US is relatively safe in general, but crime is a reality in all big cities, and some have better stats than others. Lastly, look for a relaxed food and drink scene, rich arts and culture, and low-key, affordable accommodation.

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Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Flatiron mountain range is a great place for a hike

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When you’re a committed city-dweller but love the great outdoors, what’s a woman to do? Well, head to Boulder, for a start – the Colorado city that’s swathed in nature, with hiking and cycling trails and rock climbing havens on your doorstep. This is a thoroughly modern American city with hipster coffee shops, a food truck park and must-visit farmer’s market – but groups of adventure enthusiasts regularly strike out into the State Parks, lakes and mountains just outside for a breath of fresh air. It’s a great mix of sociable, safe and welcoming, with craft beer clubs and live music nights if you want to cross over with other solos, and peaceful nature trails if you just want to be with yourself.

Get there: Lufthansa and United both fly direct from London to Denver, from where it’s a 40-minute drive to Boulder.

Flight time: Around 10 hours.

Huntsville, Alabama

Never heard of Huntsville? You wouldn’t be alone. But this far-south city, 115 miles south of Nashville, was named the best place to live in the USA in 2022. Women doing a solo trip can experience the thriving social, dining and shopping scene which sprang up around tech companies that settled here – Lowe Mill Arts centre is your first stop for art and…

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