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Goop attire and courtroom poise: How Gwyneth Paltrow turned her courtroom disaster into the ultimate profile boost

Goop attire and courtroom poise: How Gwyneth Paltrow turned her courtroom disaster into the ultimate profile boost

The Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash trial was a lesson in branding. The Goop CEO has been praised for her chic, laid-back courtroom fashion, relentless determination to vindicate her public image and effortlessly memorable lines on the stand — “Well, I lost a half day of skiing” surely deserves a spot as a pop culture reference.

The very trial that threatened to harm her reputation — one that has not been exempt from its fair amount of controversies over questionable advice featuring vagina eggs and rectal ozone therapy — ultimately invigorated the Hollywood actor’s image in the court of public opinion, legal experts and publicists agree.

“I don’t think she could have masterminded a better PR moment,” crisis management PR agent Holly Braid tells The Independent. “It gave her an opportunity to be real. That bit walking out of the courtroom and whispering, ‘I wish you well,’ in his ear was just kind of brilliant.”

Besides winning the trial, Ms Paltrow also showcased what many celebrities struggle to prove: A-listers can be — or at least seem — affable, even relatable. The Oscar-winning star said she felt “very sorry” for her accuser’s health decline, complimented the opposite counsel’s choice of heels, and admitted that she suspects she is not as tall as she was in her Shakespeare in Love days because “she’s shrinking”.

“Her decision to countersue for only $1 provided a good example of how to use positive branding alongside litigation,” entertainment attorney Tre Lovell also told The Independent. “And overall, she walks away from this trial with her image more than intact. It’s actually been enhanced because of how she handled herself with poise.”

“She was authentic and she was herself. I do think it will help her brand,” Ms Braid agrees. “She has a niche target market. I think having this case televised, and when I say televised, I really mean social media … a lot of people who maybe weren’t introduced to her brand, will now know her name and look her up. And hopefully, Goop did a really good [marketing] job.”

Paltrow whispers ‘I wish you well’ to her courtroom opponent after winning the case


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