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In Search of Romance? Try Moving Abroad.

In Search of Romance? Try Moving Abroad.

Kacey Margo has been going on plenty of fun dates ever since she moved to Paris in October 2019. Men frequently approach her with the dramatic antics seen in Disney movies.

“This one guy was like, ‘I ran through traffic just to look into your eyes once, and if you don’t want to go on a date with me, I can die happy knowing that I just met you,’” said Ms. Margo, a 28-year-old English teacher from Los Angeles.

After studying abroad in Paris in 2016, Ms. Margo fell in love with the city (and its men). She found a gig teaching English in Paris and moved there after she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in May 2019.

Now, Ms. Margo is living a dream of many American women who are seeking relationships abroad, some of whom cite the toxic dating scene in the United States.

Tinder Passport, a subscription service that allows users to match with people in a destination of their choice, is one of the app’s most popular features, with a majority of members using it up to nine times a month, said Stephanie Danzi, the senior vice president of global marketing at Tinder. From 2022 to 2023, there was a distinct increase in the number of female members shifting interest to unique locations.

There is even a dating show that premiered last month on the cable channel Freeform, “Love Trip: Paris,” where four American women move to an apartment building in Paris filled with eligible French darlings. Although each woman has various levels of dating experience, they are all looking to find a French lover. (“I’m in Paris to find my woman,” Caroline Renner, 26, said on the season premiere. “I am looking for a fresh start,” Josielyn Aguilera, 26, said.)

“Paris is, for a lot of people, the epitome of romance,” said Susan House, the executive producer of the show. “American women love Paris.” Romanticized images of an American woman in a beret roaming through the streets of Paris, kissing a French partner by the Eiffel Tower — they are enchanting for many. (Think: “Emily in Paris.”)

But there are other reasons people want to date outside the United States.

For Ms. Margo, a Black woman who attended predominantly white institutions throughout her school years, she felt ignored in the United States, as if she “was not an option,” she said. In Paris she felt seen.

As for the women in “Love Trip: Paris,” they were all exhausted with casual dating in the United States.

“They felt like by going to a different country, suitors are more serious,…

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