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Review: Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East

Review: Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East

Mimaru is a local apartment-style hotel chain in Japan that specializes in catering to families and friends travelling together. In fact, the hotel name, Mimaru, derives from the Japanese words “minna” and “tomaru”, which means “everyone to stay”.

The chain features clean and spacious accommodations that can accommodate families of all sizes. There are properties in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and all are conveniently located within walking distance of subway stations.

In 2021, they also opened several all-suite properties in Tokyo and Kyoto that offer two or more bedroom apartments. Some properties have special rooms, like Pokémon- or ninja-themed rooms. 

We recently stayed at the Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East location, a highly rated property built in 2019, and found it met all our needs and those of the other five families travelling with us.

Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East – Booking

The hotel offers a variety of accommodation options. Between the six families in our group who each had two or three children, we got to sample a few different apartment styles.

Usually when booking a hotel room in Japan, we’re limited to one or two options because not many rooms can accommodate families of four or more; however, this isn’t the case with Mimaru. The chain offers a myriad of eight options that can accommodate a total of up to eight guests. 

I made my booking through using the Rakuten shopping portal to earn some extra cash back. I like Rewards and use it to book any hotels that don’t have their own loyalty program. 

(Unfortunately, it looks like Rewards will be seriously devalued at some point in 2023, so be sure to make use of it in its current format while you still can).

We booked a Premium Deluxe Japanese Apartment, only because I thought having a Japanese-themed room with a tatami mat to sleep on would be neat for the kids to experience. It’s one of the larger but more expensive options, and can accommodate a family of up to eight.

When we booked back in July 2022, it was $325 (CAD) per night plus taxes. It’s worth noting that current rates are over $500 (CAD) per night plus taxes.

Some of my friends booked slightly smaller and cheaper rooms, like the Loft Bed Theatre Apartment, for $275 (CAD) before taxes. This room is now over $350 (CAD) a night plus taxes.

Another family booked the Pokémon-themed room for $400 (CAD) before taxes,…

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