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5 Unmissable Things To Do At The Valley Of Fire State Park, Nevada

woman talking to camera on the bright orange rocks of valley of fire state park nevada

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Interested in visiting the Valley of Fire State Park from Las Vegas? This is not a bad idea at all! There are many things to do in Valley of Fire State Park which is why it’s one of our top recommendations for a day trip.

We had an amazing day out exploring this unique and diverse landscape. Whether you’re driving or hiking through this incredible park, the beauty of it is unmatched.

Down below are our tips on the best Valley of Fire things to do!

Is Valley of Fire Worth Visiting?

Fire Wave Hike, Valley of Fire

How does traipsing around waves of pink, orange, and red rock sound? Once again, Mother Nature has provided us with an exquisite colorful playground to explore.

This marvel called the Valley of Fire in Nevada is the perfect day trip from Las Vegas, and the best of the State Parks near LV!

If you spend any amount of time among the craziness of Sin City, you’ll be seeking respite. At only an hour away from the Strip, Valley of Fire State Park Nevada is the ultimate escape from the flashing lights and debauchery.

What makes Valley of Fire worth visiting is it’s very doable to explore the park in one day! Not to mention its Nevada’s oldest state park.

Where is Valley of Fire State Park?

The Valley of Fire State Park NV is located in the Mojave Desert and covers an area of approximately 35,000 acres.

It is the oldest of the Nevada State Parks and was dedicated in 1935. It is managed by The Bureau of Land Management, and you will find the Valley of Fires Recreation area near the town of Carrizozo, which is about 4 miles away from the park.

Directions to Valley of Fire State Park

road running past red rocks in valley of fire
Spectacular VAlley of Fire drive

The Valley of Fire State Park from the Las Vegas strip is 49 miles northeast. You can get there by driving along the I-15.

There are two main entrances to the park: the west entrance and the east entrance.

Or, if you are staying at Lake Mead Recreational Area, you can drive along the North Road to reach the east side of the park.

northshore road lake mead rv trip
North Road from Lake Mead

I even recommend you enter this way from Las Vegas. It will be an extra 30 minutes but the drive along Northshore Drive is spectacular (see photo above)!! It made our list of top USA scenic drives.

It’s worth leaving a little earlier to experience it.

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