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61 Best Things To Do in Grenada in 2023

61 Best Things To Do in Grenada in 2023

The island of Grenada in the Caribbean is a true jewel. There are numerous things to do in Grenada, but there isn’t a lot of information online about this tiny island nation.

Fast Answers: The Best of The Best in Grenada

We lived on and returned to Grenada on and off for the past for over 7 years, so we know lots of unique things to do in Grenada and this blog has more information about Grenada activities than any other online today.

The “Isle of Spice” is located just far enough south in the Caribbean to avoid the tourism masses that the northern islands see, yet it’s still easy enough to travel to Grenada on a cruise ship or a direct flight from North America.

People often ask us “What is there to do in Grenada?!” The answer: There are so many things to do in Grenada, you could spend a year and never be bored.

If you’re wondering what to do in Grenada during your trip, I’ve got you covered. Here is my list of 61 best things to do in Grenada:

*This post has been updated with new attractions for 2023.

61 Best Things To Do in Grenada

Let’s go! Here are the 61 best things to do on the beautiful island of Grenada. In the 5+ years we’ve spent on the island, we’ve done many more fun activities than this, but we’ve narrowed it down so you can chip away at this list on your travels to The Isle of Spice!

1. Try Doubles (Grand Anse)

Doubles are a delicious breakfast found in the southern Caribbean and while they’re originally from Trinidad, they’re so delicious that they make our list of things to do in Grenada.

Sweet and spicy chickpea curry is wrapped inside of a soft bara bread.

Latta and her husband make the best ones on the island, and you can find them serving doubles out of the back of their orange van on Wall Street in Grand Anse. Update: Latta and Frank now have an orange and dark coloured van! Look for either one of them. 

2. Visit Grand Etang National Park (St. Andrews)

This beautiful, lush park is set high in the mountains of Grenada. At 1,900ft, this is the perfect spot to escape the heat and enjoy nature.

With the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, a lake, and endless walking trails, Grand Etang is a place you could return to again and again. Visiting this National Park is one of the top things to do in Grenada for sure. 

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