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Away Luggage Review: Hype or Worth It?

Away Luggage First Impressions

Away Luggage is probably the most disruptive luggage brand on the market today. They offer beautifully designed, high-quality, durable suitcases that come with one of the best warranties currently offered by any luggage brand out there.

They gained immense popularity through their strong social media presence, with a myriad of influencers and celebrities promoting the brand on social media platforms.

But is Away Luggage really worth the hype? Or are they just really good at marketing?

In this Away Luggage review, I put their products to the test to determine whether or not they’re a good investment.

(Spoiler: if you’re looking for a suitcase designed with clean lines and smooth surfaces that is ALSO incredibly practical and will last the test of time, Away is absolutely worth it!)

Away Luggage First Impressions

I first learned about Away via my Instagram feed. Their marketing is undeniably great! They are notoriously known as the suitcase brand that took over Instagram.

I was drawn to their products even before I knew much about the brand. They do a great job of communicating their vision of thoughtful travel and the way their suitcases can help you live out that vision.

The company positions itself as offering innovative luggage and carry solutions, created by travelers for travelers. Everything the brand puts out communicates their belief that travel should be more seamless and less stressful, full of intention and purpose.

The aesthetics are top-notch, with simple and modern designs. They offer a variety of sizes and colors. It’s clear the designers paid a lot of attention to the appearance, but I wasn’t sure if the quality would hold up to other, more established brands.

My experience with the carry-on luggage, specifically their original Away Carry-On, exceeded my expectations. After over a year of use, the luggage still looks practically new! This really shifted my perspective of the brand; it’s more than just a nice-looking suitcase.

Away uses high-quality construction techniques and high end materials for all its products that stand the test of time. Their suitcases and bags are made from polycarbonate, aluminum, and water-resistant nylon.

Yes, their designs are sleek, but they are also durable and high-performing.

On top of that, their attention to detail and creativity in things like the built-in USB ports for charging devices, strong and functional internal compression, and removable laundry bags, make for an overall smooth user…

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