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The BEST Places to Visit in Australia (2023 Bucket List)

Melbourne Station Places To Visit In Australia

Trying to figure out the best places to visit in Australia can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, I’ve done the travel and exploring to make your decisions easy.

The country is huge, and lots of its amazing attractions are widely spread out across the continent. 

This article is part of our comprehensive travel guide to Australia, which you can read here.

Australia has six states and two territories, each offering a vast number of unique tourist attractions for travellers to enjoy. 

Top Places to Visit in Australia

So when planning a trip to explore the top Australian holiday destinations, you may want to pick one state or coast in which to start. Then either explore that state fully or hop on a few domestic flights to see some other parts of the country. 

Better yet, rent a car or campervan and go on a road trip!

Hopefully, this article on where to go in Australia will inspire some of you to explore one, two, or all eight of this country’s incredible regions. 

So here are the best places to visit in Australia. 

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1) Melbourne

Many travellers (and Australians) will say that Melbourne is their favourite city. 

As the capital of Victoria, Melbourne is one of the colder cities in Australia because it is located so far south. 

But what it lacks in warmth and sunshine it makes up for in art, culture, cuisine, architecture, and entertainment. 

Melbourne is known for its trendy cafes, art galleries, nightlife, and a wide variety of restaurants. 

You can spend your time sipping high-quality coffee, searching for colourful street art, and enjoying cocktails from a rooftop bar overlooking the city skyline. 

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Melbourne is full of majestic architecture.

2) Karajini National Park

Located in Western Australia, Karajini National Park is perfect for adventurous travellers and really is one of the best places to travel in Australia.

This massive area of wilderness is packed to the brim with natural beauty and outdoor activities. 

Go swimming in Fern Pool, photograph Fortescue Falls, hike Mount Bruce or try and spot some indigenous wildlife. 

The park is most famous for its gorges and canyons, whose swirling rock patterns are incredibly photogenic. 

Some of the most popular gorges in Karajini National Park…

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