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Can You Wash Your Dog in Tractor Supply

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When most people think of a company like Tractor Supply, the term “Tractor Supply Pet Wash” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. After all, isn’t Tractor Supply nothing more than a trumped-up feed and seed store? 

The reality is, Tractor Supply is just that, with a splash of “pet store” within its vaunted, horse-feed-smelling aisles and end caps. Tractor Supply caters to the crowd that wants to raise chickens while treating them as pets or involving their canines in a pseudo-farming lifestyle. 

Tractor Supply is a competitor in the dog food and healthcare industry that lacks the ever-expansive, commercially massive aesthetics of a Pet Superstore. The focus is on rural pet owners, which also makes it the perfect place for an RVer to give their dog a good wash. 

In this article, you’ll learn about Tractor Supply’s Pet Wash stations. We’ll show you what to expect, how it works, and more. So if it’s time for your four-legged friend to get rid of that dirt from three campgrounds ago, join us as we walk you through the store, to Tractor Supply’s Pet Wash Department.

Can You Wash Your Dog in Tractor Supply?

Not only can you wash your dog in a Tractor Supply, but you can also do it yourself, in a backroom pet wash station designed specifically for a private pet wash. Not everyone’s dog likes baths, and it would be especially hard to bathe a dog when surrounded by strangers and other pets. 

The pet wash station is an enclosed, clean room that includes all of the necessities for bathing your dog. Each bathing station includes:

  • An all-purpose and specialty pet shampoo
  • Various conditioners
  • medicated sprays
  • Brushes and combs
  • Grooming tables
  • Industrial blow driers
  • Waterproof aprons for your use 

How Do You Use a Pet Wash Station?

How Do You Use a Pet Wash Station?

A pet wash station in Tractor Supply is very simple to use. Everything is right there in front of you—the tub, shampoo, conditioner, a tub bottom that adjusts for height, and hot or cold water options with an attached hose. 

All available soaps and conditioners are in large, gallon containers with push-top dispensers so you can keep one hand on your dog and use the other to gather soap. Using the station is simple,…

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