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How to Earn & Redeem Hilton Free Night Rewards

How to Earn & Redeem Hilton Free Night Rewards

One of the best ways to extract value from the Hilton Honors program is by leveraging Free Night Rewards on the Amex US Hilton credit cards. 

Hilton’s Free Night Rewards can unlock some incredible stays around the world for $0 out-of-pocket, so in this article, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about these potentially very powerful instruments.

How to Earn Hilton Free Night Rewards

For the most part, you’ll need to have gotten started with US credit cards in order to rack up Hilton’s Free Night Rewards. 

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to take the first step along this journey, as you can earn your first certificate pretty much immediately with a single US credit card application.

1. Amex US Hilton Aspire Card: Free Night Reward Every Year

The Hilton Aspire Card is the only credit card that gives you an annual Free Night Reward every year as on ongoing perk, without having to “work” for it through your annual spending.

Note that the Hilton Aspire’s Free Night Reward is earned immediately in the first year.

This makes it superior to the corresponding Free Night Awards on, say, the Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cards, which are only earned as an anniversary benefit starting in the second year.

In addition to the free night that you get just for holding the card, you can also earn an additional free night every year if you spend $60,000 (USD) on the Hilton Aspire in a calendar year.

Alas, that’s probably out of reach for most of us, and the return on spending probably isn’t worthwhile even if you could spend that much.

2. Amex US Hilton Surpass & Business Cards: Free Night Reward Upon Spending $15,000

In addition to the Hilton Aspire, there are two other US-issued Hilton co-branded cards that offer the ability to earn Free Night Rewards every year.

Both the Hilton Surpass Card and the Hilton Business Card allow you to earn a Free Night Reward upon spending $15,000 (USD) in a calendar year.

After the instant Free Night Reward from the Aspire Card, these are the two Free Night Rewards that are most easily within reach year after year, although they do require a fairly significant spending capacity to achieve.

Meanwhile, the Hilton Business Card also allows you to earn a second Free Weekend Night Reward upon spending $60,000 (USD) in a calendar year.

Again, though, this probably won’t be a worthwhile objective to aim for unless you had…

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