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Espresso Display Review – The Best Portable Monitor in 2023?

Nick On Blue Mountains Espresso Display Review

It’s generated a lot of interest online, but is it really the best portable monitor in 2023? In our Espresso Display review we put the product to the test to see if it really lives up to the hype.

Being full-time digital nomads has its perks – the ability to work from anywhere in the world, the freedom to make your own hours and a potentially limitless ceiling to how far you can expand your online business.

What it doesn’t offer though is obvious pathways to high-level productivity, such as having an organised and dedicated home office setup.

Working in the creative and digital marketing industries means that as much our social media portrays a lifestyle of forever being on an adventure in the far-flung reaches of the globe, the majority of our time is spent staring at screens, managing our teams and navigating far too many browser tabs than we care to admit.

We have always wanted to expand our on-the-road office stack to include an external monitor to double our screen real estate, but the logistics of travelling with one was always impractical.

That was until a friend reached out to us about a new portable monitor on the marketing, which promised to bring a new option for those of us that work on the road – the stunningly-designed Espresso Display.

If you need a portable external monitor to work just about anywhere on the road, just like our buddy Nick here, then our comprehensive Espresso Display review is the buyers guide for you!

Our Honest Espresso Display Review

We have been testing out the 15 inch Espresso Display for the last few months, connected to our Macbook Pros to be used as a second monitor for a variety of tasks.

After hundreds of hours of heavy use we’re finally ready to bring out our Espresso Display review, where we dive into the features we like, what we don’t, and whether we really believe it’s the best portable display for travel and digital nomads.

The benefits of using a second screen for work productivity is already well-documented, so we’re not going to touch on that in this review post.

Instead we’ll focus on the product itself so you can decide whether you feel as though Espresso Displays are the right option for you.

Touch Screen Display Unit
Touch screen, portable and sleek – everything you need in a second screen for travel.

What is the Espresso Portable Display?

Before we get too deep into our Espresso Displays review we just want to highlight exactly what the product is, and what it’s not.

Essentially Espresso is an…

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