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Australian drag queen Tomi Grainger stopped at Tokyo airport over plastic surgery

Australian drag queen Tomi Grainger stopped at Tokyo airport over plastic surgery

A passenger has shared how cosmetic surgery on their face led to an unexpected disruption at an airport as they no longer resemble their passport photo.

Tomi Grainger, who describes themselves as “Australia’s craziest drag queen”, took to TikTok to reveal how their trip to Japan was interrupted.

The Australian was travelling to Tokyo from Sydney International Airport when they were detained at passport control. Although the travel document was worn, the drag performer had been using the passport for eight years without issues, the New Zealand Herald reports.

“Then it dawns on me: I no longer look like the person in that picture because I’ve had so much plastic surgery,” Grainger said in the TikTok video.

To prove how much had changed since the passport was issued, they shared their photo of their 21-year-old self that was used for the document.

Speaking to, Grainger said: “It was funny but super nerve-racking at the same time. I’ve been through the airport many times and never had an issue like that. My heart was racing, I thought I might miss my flight. That would have been a nightmare.”

Grainger said they were finally allowed through only after explaining that they had recently had a facelift. The Australian said that they’ll feel anxious every time they go through border control with their current document.

“I think it’s about time I change my passport,” Grainger added.

Earlier this year, a Ukrainian actress and model was stopped from entering Malaysia because her face looked so different to her passport photo without makeup.

Rules regarding passport photos vary around the world. UK passport holders must renew theirs if their appearances changes so much that “cannot be recognised from your passport photo any more” – with plastic surgery given as an example on the UK government website.

However, there’s no need to order a new one if you “change your appearance slightly – for example, dye your hair or grow a beard”.

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