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The Dos and Don’ts for Your Perfect Vegas Wardrobe

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Heading to Vegas for a long weekend might mean grabbing your flashiest bikini and glitter-covered heels. But packing a Vegas wardrobe has a few dos and don’ts because, unfortunately, you might burn your skin if you don’t take the right precautions.

A Few Vegas Do’s

Many might overlook the need for a quality pair of walking shoes but remember to pack these into your suitcase. It might also be beneficial to wear these during your travel days to avoid taking up precious cargo space in your luggage. You will walk more than anticipated, and your feet can’t withstand several days in heels with miles to go.

Another thing you should do for Vegas is bring comfortable clothing. You might take a tour bus or spend the day lounging, so you’ll want to be comfortable. The heat on top of the walking might also make you want to wear something lightweight and breezy. A good pair of shorts and a lightweight top will serve you well in these situations.

A Few Vegas Don’ts

Vegas is full of adventure. You can make the most of your Vegas trip to the desert by avoiding a few of these wardrobe don’ts. The first is that you should never wear new shoes. Wearing new shoes is a recipe for disaster since you haven’t broken them in yet.

The other don’t is to wear jeans or casual daytime attire to a nightclub. Most of the clubs you might want to visit will need you to wear something more upscale. Save your bling and glitz for the evenings at the club, and don’t wear your daytime attire on accident. If you’re too tired to swap outfits, consider heading downtown for some more casual fun.

Consider the Weather

Preparing your Vegas wardrobe requires you to consider the weather. It’s hot in the desert, and it’s often very windy. Poolside chairs typically end up in the pool from gusty winds. So pack your wide-brim hat, but don’t forget to find a way to secure it to your head. Also, remember your preferred sunscreen because if you go off the beaten path to a unique desert location, there won’t be any shade for you to look forward to.

Consider Your Plans

As mentioned in the dos and don’ts for a Vegas wardrobe, bringing clothing covered in bling but forgetting your daytime attire isn’t the best idea. So when packing your luggage, consider your plans and the activities you’re looking forward to. Hiking, desert trips, and outdoor adventure await you here in Las Vegas, and failing to pack appropriately can make things…

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