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What NOT to Do in Prague

Skyline view of Prague, little church towers poking over the landscape in front of the river.

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Before you come to Prague, you need to know what NOT to do in Prague! I’ve been living in Prague for several years now, and I absolutely love how great life is here.

But as I prepare to welcome dozens of friends and family from the US to Prague for the first time, I’m going over what travelers should REALLY know before arriving here.

So what should people actually know? Prague is different from the stereotypes. While you get immense value for money here, it’s definitely not the dirt-cheap getaway it used to be 20 years ago, nor is it just a place to come to party.

Additionally Prague has so many cool places outside the city center, and an incredible food scene, but so many people never go that far, sticking to the city center and Czech dishes.

And if you cheers with water, or pour new beer into a half-full glass…well, you’re not going to attract any GOOD attention in Prague.

So let’s take a look — what NOT to do in Prague! Consider this your Prague survival guide.

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Don’t assume Prague is a cheap getaway.

In the past, Prague was held up as the ultimate cheap getaway of Europe. People came here to stay in grand hotels for cheap, have nice meals for cheap, and party all night long for cheap.

I myself fell into that category once. When I first visited Prague with my study abroad roommates in 2004, we gorged ourselves on sushi because it was so much cheaper than in Italy!

Here’s the thing, though — while Prague is definitely cheaper than Paris, London, and the Nordics, it’s not the dirt-cheap getaway it used to be. In the past 20 years, Prague has gone through a transformation, adding far more high-end restaurants and hotels, and plenty of businesses now cater to wealthy Czechs and moneyed visitors.

(This past winter, Charlie and I traveled to Palermo, Sicily — and let me tell you, that was a cheap getaway. I was SHOCKED how much cheaper it was than Prague! You could get an entree at a nice restaurant for just a few euros! Sure, Italy is very expensive in touristy areas like Florence and Venice, but less touristy parts of Italy can be extremely cheap.)

And another thing — the beer in Prague is not cheaper than water. So many tourists love to repeat…

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