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Best Things to Do in Piedmont, Italy in 2023

Top things to do in piedmont Italy

Are you looking for an authentic and beautiful Italian holiday destination away from the masses? Piedmont, one of the most beautiful and culturally richest regions, is a true and quite unknown jewel in northwest Italy. The second largest region of the country, there are so many things to do in Piedmont, you’ll be surprised you didn’t think of it sooner. Piedmont has an alpine border to the north with Switzerland and to the west with France.

Top Things to Do in Piedmont, Italy

In the middle of the region lies the flat Po plain, with Piedmont’s biggest cities. The biggest city of Piedmont and its capital is Turin and Novara the region’s 2nd largest city is located 100km northeast of Turin. It is surrounded by large rice fields which is no surprise as Piedmont is the largest rice supplier in Europe.

Translated from Latin, Piedmont means “at the foot of the mountains”. With its rolling hills, majestic Alps, and a multitude of charming towns and villages, its name suits its beautiful setting.

Planning Your Trip To Piedmont, Italy Right Now?

Below are some of the top tours in Piedmont. Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting Piedmont, Italy!

Top Activities and Tours in Piedmont:

From vineyards and truffle plantations for gourmets and slow food movement lovers to historically significant castles and fortresses for culture lovers, to breathtaking natural beauty for outdoor enthusiasts, Piedmont has something for everyone.

In the hill country, in the southeast of the region, there is mainly agriculture and viticulture. Among others, the world-famous Barolo wine is being produced in this UNESCO-recognized cultural region. The river Po, Italy’s longest river, rises beneath the Monviso mountain (3841m) and flows 652km until reaching the Adriatic Sea. It is no wonder this region is known for its wine culture and delicious food.

Cool Things to do in Piedmont Italy

Being still a hidden gem as a holiday destination, you can expect to enjoy lots of beauty and sights without the typical tourist masses, known from other Italian places. Here are just some of the best things to do and see in the unknown region of Piedmont.

1. Turin

Best things to do in Piedmont Italy Turin

Turin is the largest city and capital of Piedmont. In 1861, when the Republic of Italy was founded, Turin was even the capital of the entire country. Today, with a population of nearly one million people, it is the fourth largest city in Italy and the most important economic and cultural hub in Italy’s northwest. 

A Landmark of the city and…

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