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The Magic Of Lake Argyle Kununurra Will Stay With You Forever

Aerial view of Lake Argyle, The Kimberley at sunset

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If you’re visiting the Kimberley region of Western Australia and wondering what to do, then a visit to Lake Argyle Kununurra is a destination not to be skipped.

This is the largest lake in Western Australia and the second largest freshwater lake in Australia.

Credit: Tourism WA

It’s remote, wild and beautiful. With no cell service or internet, you can simply unplug and unwind, and let the magic of the lake stay with you forever.

But visiting this lake is not just a matter of turning up. If you’re thinking of visiting Lake Argyle, then keep reading to learn about our experience on a sunset tour of the lake.

About Lake Argyle

A body of water

Lake Argyle is a man-made freshwater lake created by the damming of the Ord River Dam for an irrigation scheme. Visit here to get an understanding of the amount of water that falls in the Top End of Australia.

It blows my mind after growing up in an area of Australia that is on constant water restrictions.

Every second, water equivalent to what the whole of Australia uses in a day is passed through the turbines that power the electricity in the mighty Ord River area.

Holy hell.

So bloody impressive.

So was the landscape.

Is Lake Argyle Worth It?

Swimmer at infinity pool looking at view of Lake Argyle, East Kimberley
Credit: Tourism WA

Only hours before arriving in Lake Argyle, I was ready to quit traveling. The challenges of the road were getting on top of me.

But, this was the interruption to show me why it was worth sticking it out.

We had never heard of Lake Argyle, until our Facebook community started whispering reasons why we should go.

What? Where is this place?

As soon as I saw photos, I knew I HAVE to go here.

Lake Argyle is still something of a hidden gem in Australia and that’s why anyone thinking of visiting should add it to their bucket list.

It may be man-made, but the size and beauty of this immense freshwater lake are mind-blowing, and for that reason, I do think Lake Argyle is worth visiting.

What is special about Lake Argyle?

waves in a lake made by a boat

Lake Argyle is still a hidden gem in Australia. It’s one of the largest man-made lakes in the southern hemisphere. Not only that, but the lake is home to 70+ islands.

I thought it would be a day trip, but it became clear that this was a place you could easily spend more time in, letting the power of nature and the beauty of the lake soak you up.

Everything about the lake just oozes an air of calmness.

We were…

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