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Best hotels in Lanzarote for a 2023 holiday

Best hotels in Lanzarote for a 2023 holiday

Forget everything you think you know about Lanzarote. Once the embodiment of tacky tourism (Lanza-grotty, anyone?), this otherworldly Canary Island has undergone a complete transformation over the past 20 years, emerging from the (volcanic) ashes to take its rightful place on must-visit lists for luxury travel, stellar food and wine, spectacular scenery and stargazing opportunities, tranquil coves, paradise beaches, and active adventure.

Gone are the tourist haunts of package-holiday booms past – in their place is an array of chic, up-market hotels and resorts perfect for families, couples and solo-travellers.

Since the 1970s, Lanzarote has had strict building regulations, to minimise the impact of development on the precious island ecosystem. This in due, in no small part, to Lanzarote-born star-chitect César Manrique ­– you’ll see his designs and architectural legacy across the island – who worked with the Lanzarote government to ensure nothing on the island could be high-rise and everything must be whitewashed with either green, brown or blue details. It’s created a harmonious patchwork of lava and life, with resorts feeling more like villages than complexes, and hotels exuding a boutique feel even if substantial. With all this is mind, here are the best places to stay in Lanzarote.

Neighbourhood: Puerto del Carmen

This was the very first hotel to be built on the island


If you’re listing Lanzarote icons, you might mention the Montañas del Fuego in Timanfaya National Park, or perhaps Manrique’s Jameos del Agua auditorium built from a volcanic tunnel. But also on the lauded list should be Hotel Fariones. It was the very first hotel to be built on the island, back in 1966, and it’s been the height of fashion ever since. With 213 rooms, it’s medium sized, but has all the trappings of a boutique stay. Each of the rooms and suites face the sea and overlook the intimate beach below the infinity pool-deck terrace and gardens. The hotel had a complete makeover in 2020, adding new restaurants ­– there are four in total ­– including the Asian-inspired Kaori. Don’t miss the Cueva de Doña Juana bar and nightclub. It’s part of the original 1960s design, looks like a spaceship, and it’s welcomed everyone from world leaders to Hollywood royalty to sip on potent elixirs in its cave-like interior.

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