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Riding The Thrilling Broken Arrow Sedona Pink Jeep Tour

car parked in a canyon on a rock

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The Broken Arrow 4WD trail in Sedona has some of the most impressive landscapes I’ve ever seen. It’s remote, rugged, and surrounded by craggy rock formations.

The best way to experience this wild landscape and get an up-close look at the red rocks of Sedona, is certainly on a Broken Arrow Sedona Pink Jeep Tour.

By riding around in a 4WD, Sedona Jeep Tours takes you into this untamed desert, on the exclusive Broken Arrow trail, to places a standard vehicle can’t reach.

Not only do you get closer to the rock formations, cliffs and overlooks, but you also get the thrill of the ride!

These tours are not for the fainthearted. The custom-built, open-air jeep wrangler can go up and down rocky terrains that should not be deemed possible.

But the skilled drivers know exactly what to do.

If you’re thinking of taking a Broken Arrow Sedona Jeep Tour but not sure what the experience is like, well, read on to read about our experience!

About The Sedona Pink Adventure Tours Company

pink jeep beside looming red cliffs of Sedona

Since 1960, Pink Jeep Tours has been running award winning excursions and the most talked-about off-road adventures in the Southwest.

They run multiple Pink adventure tours throughout Red Rock Country.

The Broken Arrow tour is exclusive to Pink Jeep Tours. It is the most popular tour and extreme off-roading.

You can also combine it with a Scenic Rim Combo Tour, which takes you to where some of Hollywood’s most beloved westerns were filmed.

It’s also where the movie “Broken Arrow” starring Jimmy Stewart was made in the 1950s.

The exclusive Broken Arrow 4WD track is located in Sedona, just a 5 hour drive (282.4 mi) via I-40 E from Las Vegas, making it an ideal day trip.

Our Experience on A Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour Broken Arrow

kalyra and savannah jumping in front of pink jeep  in front of Sedona red rocks

Savannah sat a little slouched on the seat, one elbow resting on the side of the pink jeep.

“Well, if we’ve done it once, we can do it again,” she said with the grace of someone who’s experienced a few things in life.

On our Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, it wasn’t a few mild things.

She’d just came down a 45 degree graded rock face called The Devil’s Staircase. “Oh, we’re really not doing this!” she’d squealed as we teetered at the top.

Her and Kalyra squealed and giggled as their seats in the back raised up and they tipped forward and rocked as we descended down the steep slope!


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